Common Artist Questions

How does each painting start?
Each piece starts as a non-objective abstract black and white painting. Meaning: no animal forms in mind.

Why does each piece start as an abstract black and white painting?
The application of the black paint is spontaneous and very loosely controlled. This approach gives the under-painting a feel of randomness and chaos that reflects entry into the world. There is no obvious course or direction but there are “truths” to deal with, utilize, and manipulate.

Animals are used in the work for a number of reasons; but the most important reason being they represent instinct and intuition. The role instinct plays, in the development of one’s identity, is a key component of the work.

How is an animal decided?
Again, intuition and instinct are the main drivers at this point of the process. I simply look at the black and white painting until I make a strong connection to an animal form.

What substrate are the pieces painted on?
Baltic birch panel.

What tools are used to create a piece?
The black and white is applied with a traditional brush, but everything else is done with palette knives or rubber color shapers.

When did you begin painting this way?
The idea that started it all was written down at 3:59 AM on March 21, 2011. The first piece was finished a few days later. Prior to that epiphany, I was exclusively a realist painter.

When and how did you end up in Asheville?
My wife and I decided to move to Asheville in 2008. We had both lived our whole lives in Michigan and felt like we needed a change. The arts community was a big draw, as was the landscape, but it was ultimately the people that sold us.