My paintings are primitive. Honest. Transparent. I tap into the instinctual nature of my creative process, using the animals as a catalyst, and work to obtain an open-ended, energetic, yet purposeful aesthetic.

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Daniel McClendon: Asheville Fine Artist

Daniel McClendon’s goal as a painter is to continuously produce and develop the most honest and unfettered paintings possible. With that in mind you can see how intuition and instinct are strong drivers behind every stage of his painting process.

Compelled by the desire to capture the elusiveness and chaos of life’s origins, he begins with a non-objective abstract black and white under-painting, with no thought of animal representation. This becomes the foundation and creates an environment ripe for expansion. He then studies the black and white paintings, looking for animal forms, motion, or clues as to what can further influence the final composition. Still driven by compulsion, he will settle on a specific animal to paint that will act as both a practical source of visual inspiration as well as symbolically representing the very idea of what instinct is.

Daniel continues in the same frame of mind as he builds on the foundation—using no brushes and limited tools to shape, layer, and manipulate the paint into animal forms. He responds to the work as it progresses, creating the distinctive combination of lines, textures, and colors.

The Lift Studios

McClendon works and exhibits in his 5,000 square foot studio and gallery, The Lift Studios in Asheville, NC. The National Biscuit Company originally built the space in 1907, and while it’s been renovated extensively into a working studio and exhibition space, it still contains a plethora of character leftover from its industrial roots. When visiting, expect fourteen foot high exposed brick walls, heart of pine flooring and rafters, raw rock foundation, and modern finishes all acting as a backdrop for his colorful, contemporary paintings. The Lift Studios can be found at 349 Depot St Asheville, NC 28801.

Asheville’s River Arts District

The Lift Studios is right in the heart of Asheville’s working artist district, The River Arts District.  Due to the railroad lines and proximity to the French Broad River, the neighborhood was originally Asheville’s industrial and commercial hub. It was home to tanneries, textile and flour mills, the train depot, and many other businesses. Artists now occupy many of these old warehouses and RAD is now home to over 180 working artists and craftsmen.