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Check out Daniel’s entry to ArtFields in Lake City, SC from April 19th-28th.

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McClendon is a life-long artist and painter, formally educated at Western Michigan University. After graduating, he and his wife moved to Asheville, NC, which is where he began painting full time. But, by the early part of 2011 he realized he had lost all enjoyment in painting realism—his life’s work and focus of his training—and decided to abandon his professional art career unless he could develop a rewarding form of artistic expression. Fortunately, that’s exactly what happened. On March 21st, 2011 at 3:59 A.M. he got out of bed and put pen to paper to record the outline for what has become his distinct style of painting.
The work (which still defies a label) was unlike anything he had ever done. It is an abstracted patchwork representation of all the skills, techniques, and concepts he values. In a relative short period of time he has been incredibly prolific and managed to grab the attention of notable collectors as well as everyday art lovers.
Daniel continues to happily paint in his 5,000 sq ft studio in Asheville, NC.

The Lift Studios Grand Opening Celebration

It’s been almost a year since The Lift Studios opened it’s doors… so it’s probably time to have a GRAND OPENING party!  Please join Daniel and his wife, Michelle, as they celebrate this huge milestone!  They had blood, sweat, and tears go into renovating this space and are beyond excited to officially show it off.  Did you know The Lift Studios (along with their architect and contractor) won a Griffin Award from Asheville’s Historic Preservation Society for Adaptive Reuse of The Lift Studios?  Come see the finishing touches and some new art from The Lift’s own Daniel McClendon.  It’s also Second Saturday so the studio will be open all day with the “Grand Opening” starting at 6pm.  There will be food and libations, if you need more reason to come.


ArtPrize Entry

Herd Art Prize EntryArtPrize – “The worlds largest art competition”

“Herd’ is a painting comprised of four individual panels grouped together, that highlight the interactions between, not only the materials and processes, but the subjects, as well. The dynamics of a large, moving group of animals is in itself vast, complicated, and beautiful. I like to think of my work as a challenge to the viewer. I showcase my process to the degree that every piece of the “puzzle” is available. It’s up to the viewer to decide how much they would like to invest in making a connection and figuring out the “how?” and the “why?”. I’ve had this particular piece in mind for over a year. And I have been waiting for ArtPrize to take it to fruition. For me it’s all about my work connecting with a diverse audience… there is no better fit than ArtPrize.

– Daniel McClendon on his ArtPrize entry “Herd”


To vote for Daniel’s entry or to view detailed photos of “Herd” visit his ArtPrize page at:

Daniel’s ArtPrize entry “Herd” can be viewed at Purple East in downtown Grand Rapids, MI.

Paint it Black (Bold Life Magazine)

Pick up an issue of this months Bold Life magazine to find Daniel McClendon on the Cover!  What’s even better is the great article inside!

“On a sleepless night in March 2011, artist Daniel McClendon had an epiphany. He grabbed a notebook and compiled a list of attributes he would like a new body of work to entail. Some of the things he wrote: “Use simple source materials. Use Black. Be selective with color. Work in a stream of consciousness.” The last thing he did before going to sleep that morning was a gestural sketch of a buffalo. Within a month, that sketch would become the first of a string of imaginative paintings of animals ranging from gorillas to bees.”

Read the full article by Ursula Gullow here:  Bold Life Magazine

Rapid River Magazine

“Full of colorful energy, Daniel’s paintings are lined up on the brick walls in this gorgeously restored, split-level industrial space that’s also ideal for events. These large representations of animals swirl within powerfully laid-out splashes and scratches and scrawlings. I enjoy their instantaneous nature, as well as hearing about the artist’s path that led to such raw, authentic visions. Daniel has harnessed that next wave of his own artistic energy, something many artists, including me, strive for, and are inspired by.” – Greg Vineyard of the Rapid River Magazine

Check out the latest issue of the Rapid River Magazine to find the full article on Daniel McClendon.